2014 Rainbow bridge









In Memory of those we have loved and wait for us at the

 Rainbow Bridge
   (FF=DBHR Forever foster)


rainbowcoloredheartEmily Sunshine, Barley, Susie and Holly Bear  Green rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart Pippi  SchmelingrainbowcoloredheartZeus  GoldbergrainbowcoloredheartToma  Long rainbowcoloredheartCharlie  & Daphne Taydus rainbowcoloredheart

rainbowcoloredheart Molly  Jedrus  rainbowcoloredheart Fancy Butera rainbowcoloredheartBetsy Ross Burns (FF) rainbowcoloredheartAbraham  Burns rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart Muggie  (FF)   rainbowcoloredheartSerenity    (FF)   rainbowcoloredheartHarry    Kostovick   rainbowcoloredheart

rainbowcoloredheartJethro Hinz  rainbowcoloredheartTwinky (FF) rainbowcoloredheartHermie Potter rainbowcoloredheartAnnie Rice  rainbowcoloredheartWebster Farrell rainbowcoloredheartGus (FF)   rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheartJasmine Richmond  rainbowcoloredheart Sophie  Spicher rainbowcoloredheart Desi (Desdimona ) Schnulo
rainbowcoloredheart Benson (FF)

rainbowcoloredheartAbby & Opie  Strong rainbowcoloredheart  

  rainbowcoloredheart Bo Jangles Kelly rainbowcoloredheart Murphy Richmond  rainbowcoloredheart    

rainbowcoloredheart  Peanut &  Peachie  Hastings rainbowcoloredheart

rainbowcoloredheartS cout ( FF ) rainbowcoloredheartW inston (FF) rainbowcoloredheart M iss Amber (FF) rainbowcoloredheart  Ruby  Smith rainbowcoloredheart  S adie  Murdock   rainbowcoloredheart  

rainbowcoloredheart Mis s Mollie  Richmond  (Bobbie of the DD) rainbowcoloredheart Belle  Burns  (DD)  rainbowcoloredheart

rainbowcoloredheartSlushy  Helfferich   (CH. Sitrucs Winter Storm)   rainbowcoloredheart Jade  Helfferich (CH.Sitrucs Jade of Doof Sevals)   rainbowcoloredheart

rainbowcoloredheart Grace Ann Stockdale rainbowcoloredheartSampson  Sharp rainbowcoloredheart Bo Burns (FF)   rainbowcoloredheart Mo Burns (FF)  rainbowcoloredheart Coal Macdonald  

rainbowcoloredheartRocky Murdock  rainbowcoloredheartSally Ann Farrell  rainbowcoloredheart Bart Fry  rainbowcoloredheartMax Hinz (FF)    rainbowcoloredheartMisty Burns (FF) rainbowcoloredheartEli Burns rainbowcoloredheart

rainbowcoloredheartMolly & Russell  Stockdale (FF)  rainbowcoloredheart Coal Callahan     rainbowcoloredheartMaisin  Chalmersrainbowcoloredheart

rainbowcoloredheartSnoofy rainbowcoloredheart Katie Hinz rainbowcoloredheart Truman Gelston rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart Henry Albert Rogers 5/21/2003 to 1/25/2013 rainbowcoloredheart Joey Burns (FF) atb 1/10/14 rainbowcoloredheart

rainbowcoloredheartTucker  Taylor (atb 10/26/13)rainbowcoloredheartSammie  (FF) rainbowcoloredheartMiss Bessie Thulin rainbowcoloredheartHenrietta "ETTA" (FF) rainbowcoloredheart

rainbowcoloredheartBuddy Robinson rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart Ginger (Babe of the DD)
Roxy Seubert rainbowcoloredheart
 Daphne Burns (FF)  rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheartPumkin Shenot   rainbowcoloredheart
Topper (FF)   rainbowcoloredheart Sitruc's Artic Blast AKA "ABE" Helfferich rainbowcoloredheart

rainbowcoloredheartFloyd (atb  6/2/13) & Casey (atb  4/13) Winter  rainbowcoloredheart

rainbowcoloredheart Miss Twiggy Chandler rainbowcoloredheart  J oy Bell Murdock (3/4/13)   rainbowcoloredheart Petey Henninger rainbowcoloredheart

rainbowcoloredheartHunter Kocher (4/1/13) rainbowcoloredheart Miss Daisy Farrell     rainbowcoloredheart Big Smiley Kocher (11/20/12)rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart Lady Babs, Snuggles & Barney Potter AKA The Royal Bassetsrainbowcoloredheart
  rainbowcoloredheart Curly (of the Droopy dozen atb
8/18/11) and Chilliepepper Klinger rainbowcoloredheart Beau Taylorrainbowcoloredheart
SunnyBunny Burns DBHR foster Queen (atb 9/7/11)rainbowcoloredheartMiss Betty Loo Ferrell (of the Droopy dozen) rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart Jacques Hinz 9/11/11 Jed Hinz rainbowcoloredheart Libby Loo Helfferich #13 of the droopy dozen (atb 7/8/11) rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart Dewey Maines, Groucho Fields      rainbowcoloredheart Luke, Amos & Gracie, Cooper & Gretta (Burns) & Gracie (FF)
     rainbowcoloredheart  Roscoe P Hunter rainbowcoloredheart Brie Sherwin (the Brie-girl) & Toby Sherwin rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart Tank "O" Million Eaton &  Alaska's Denali Eaton     rainbowcoloredheart Katie Bug Vega rainbowcoloredheartGracie Miller-Mckay rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart Red (Nestor)    rainbowcoloredheartFred (Richmond)rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart Angel, Hunter, & Louie (Sekerak)rainbowcoloredheart
Wilber Basset (Deutsch) rainbowcoloredheart Bogey Gregory 10/20/08 rainbowcoloredheart Music  Lohrerrainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart Clover, Missy Alexander & Molly (Burns)  rainbowcoloredheart Maggie and Betsy (Slomski)   rainbowcoloredheart Homer (Schwartz)rainbowcoloredheart  Rescuers bridge 2

Zack Jones 10, 2006    Sherli Jones 01, 2007   rainbowcoloredheart Newman Van Keuren 12/24/07 rainbowcoloredheart          
Misty Fabros
Beauregard Seubert   Missy Seubert   rainbowcoloredheart Fritz Mueller rainbowcoloredheart Albert & Rosie Durst rainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart     Murry, Guni, Justice, and Buck Uva   rainbowcoloredheart Sheba and Jingles Gordon rainbowcoloredheart Tallulah Belle and Vanessa Fitzgeraldrainbowcoloredheart
rainbowcoloredheart Sadie Mae Jenkins rainbowcoloredheart Toby, Brady and Gracie Taylor


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