DBHR Senior Fosters that have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge... forever in my heart...
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People often ask what we do if we cannot find a home for a Basset, well they stay with us, in our care, loved as a member of the family because when a Basset comes to us for help they are family. We can't save or help every Basset that needs it. We don't have the funds or foster homes to take them all in. But those we can...we do our very best for, with help from people willing to donate their money or time.
I, like many of our foster moms love the seniors, they are always my favorites.

Stan2 Sweet StanleyAlexAlex and friends

alex sm My 1st foster was a senior named Alex rheumy eyed, grey faced, a bit senile, arthritic and
 didn't always make it outside to potty. No applications came in to adopt Alex but he loved his life, bread, cuddles and sniffing in the dog yard till the very end. He made me smile every day of the almost 2 years he was with me.
He was the 1st of my fosters to go to the bridge when he could no longer enjoy being in this world. Alex passed in my arms and a little of my heart went with him, but his memories stay with me years later and I know he was happy and loved and he knew it too. Since then I have had over 100 Bassets foster in my home with Gladys, Buddy, Duke, Gus, Clover and today Stanley... living out their precious time with me.
I was with them till the end, good memories of love and laughter, each one different and special in their own way.
They blessed my life. 
With seniors, foster care can turn into Hospice for hounds, Droopy believes in taking care of the older hound's needs for love, special foods and medications that give quality and comfort to their life. This can also involve doggie diaper's, a lot of laundry, paper towels, mops and cleaning products. We are looking for
sponsors to help us with these costs.
Donations can be made via paypal to Droopy, on the home page menu. 


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