Droopy Basset Hound Rescue of Western PA
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Union City, PA 16438
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 DBHR'S Adoption Process
***DBHR does not adopt out of a 2 hour driving radius from 
central base of Erie PA to Pittsburgh,PA.***

Note: Not all Bassets brought into the Droopy BHR are posted to this site.

Priority is given to DBHR's pre-approved home list to see if somebody is already waiting to be matched up with the Basset that is right for them!


Are you interested? Fill out an application today!
Be sure to let us know which Basset(s) you are interested in.

(Please read our contract before you fill out an application.)

The following information is reference to the procedures Droopy Basset Hound Rescue requires for all basset hound adoptees. It is to be applied to all potential adopters. A profile for each applicant will be setup containing the information below.  Droopy Basset Hound Rescue of Western PA reserves the right to adapt the adoption process, if applicable.

*Upon acceptance of the completed application, a review of the information will be conducted.

 A automated email will be sent to the applicant to confirm the application has been received.

*Vet references will be checked.
*We do require that all dogs/pets be up-to-date on Rabies, vaccines & Heartworm tested.
*If you rent we must contact your landlord for their approval.

*After the Vet referances are checked,  a volunteer will contact you for a home visit (convenient for the entire family) will be set up.

*If all goes well and you are approved: our adoption coordinator will call to talk to you about what you are looking for in a basset.

**Remember, we are all all volunteer, non-profit organization doing th
e best we can to help these hounds in need. So, patience* and persistence* are needed to find the Basset that has been waiting for you!
*Patience: We do our best to get back to you in a timely manner, but as we still have to work for a living, we may not get back to you as fast as you'd like.

*Persistence: If you don't hear from us, it is possible your application didn't get to our adoption coordinator, so please, contact us again.


Lucy new famMurray an JackMose new familyMilohomeSMALLRudys new dad
            Changing lifestyles, downsizing, and the economy create an abundance of good Bassets that need new homes. These dogs reside with generous, volunteer foster families who care for them until the Bassets find great forever homes like the ones seen above!!